Fire Whipping

I spent a magical, fantastic weekend at an (adult) immersive pirate and gypsy festival. I flew in on an airship, and got to experience the hodge-podge of of cultures that come together to play. There were a few highlights of this particular trip, one of which was wearing a corset for three days (yay back support, and weightless titties!). I am a messy eater, and dropped part of a cookie I was eating down my corset. It landed too far down between my boobs to pick it out, so the friend who always “takes my breath away” lacing me up reached up from the bottom of my corset to try and fish it out for me. I lost it. I was in a fit of giggles as soon as his hand touched my stomach. I was laughing which trapped his hand. It was a funny mess that you probably had to witness to be amused by.

I attempted to be smart about traveling with my medications on a summer camping trip. I learned what not to do though. I figured it was going to be hot, and I didn’t want them to melt together, so I put my weekends worth of meds together in a pill box and stuck it in the cooler. It sorta worked– my pills didn’t meld together in the heat like some peoples did, but rather, found a watery grave as the ice melted. A weekend without pills. GREAT.

Thank god I had my pooper-dog with me. He routinely does DPT and self-harm interruption (I don’t notice when I’m scratching at my fingers until they’re wet from blood). I also was fortunate that Pirates are a generous bunch, and would kindly refill your empty cup when you asked permission to board their ship. After spending some time on the green machine, and drinking my fill, I was able to wander the dark without panicking that I was being followed, or that doom was looming overhead. I still wasn’t in the mood to deal with crowds, dancing, or anything that wasn’t wonderfully structured, but I was coping and able to walk around to see what quieter activities were happening.

While most people were at a masquerade ball, I had glimpsed a ball of swirling fire from a few campsites deep from where I was and was determined to find it. The gate was guarded by a cute girl with pierced nipples, and a metallic archway. From the entrance, I could see that it was fireplay– there was a naked man laying on the ground with torches brushing his body before being patted away. I asked if this was a private camp event, or if I could have permission to board their ship.

As far back as I can remember (5th/6th grade erotica books) I’ve been fascinated by the BDSM community, watched from the sidelines, and fantasied. I came in and was immediately covered in a sense of awe and peace. The naked man lay completely relaxed, then rolled over and let the fire pulse over his chest, thighs, and penis. He never once tensed up, or grimaced, and you could just see the quiet power/skill/full attention that the man with the fire exerted.  The circle of people around the fire were all quiet, some talking among each other, but all held captive by the show, and all respectful. We were gathered in various stages of dress, some in full pirate garb, some in fetish wear, and some nude, all with a calm feeling of peace and safety surrounding us.

The show moved on to floggers, paddles and a single tail. There was a safety person, holding onto the person who was going to be whipped, a gloved hand protecting their neck/head. She seemed to enjoy her job, holding onto the squirming, moaning participants. The crowd cheered each time the person said they’d had enough, and we saw the group of people surround the person giving after care and making sure that they were ok, bandaging any open wounds (only saw two which were easily covered with a band aid) soothing the skin and whispering reassuring words.  At one point, the man swirled the whip in the air after a louder moan and made sure that it was a happy sound, not a request to hold off. The layered safety measures, and the peace that all seemed to get from it was cathartic.

I came home at the end of the weekend to discuss with my hubby; I have permission to try it out should I happen upon this again. I understand the release that I can get from pain, and that makes it tempting, but even more so, was the sense of safety and community that I witnessed.


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