Baseline Mornings

via Daily Prompt: Savor

A few weeks ago, I was actually at baseline, and it felt fantastic. I was working a graveyard and I paused to think about the things that bring me joy. I found that it’s the simple things in life that I find most rewarding.

Joy is found in the mornings when you sleep in and wake up content, slightly cold, but relaxed and able to turn over to cuddle with hubby’s body heat until he wraps you in a full body hug and doesn’t let go until you fall back asleep. It’s waking up again to the dog splayed on his back crammed between the legs of his people, waiting for the expected morning belly rubs before he jumps up to give all of the kisses and bring you shoes so you can take him outside.

The perfect morning continues with walking down the stairs, one hand balanced on the dog’s back as he keeps pace, pausing at each step. It’s smelling the freshly cut citrus fruit and listening to water boil as you grab a blanket and head out to the porch with a book. Joy is when you have tea in your hand and you test the temperature of the morning with bare toes before settling in with puppy acting as slippers, tea balanced between the tomatoes and the peppers while you stare off in contemplation, enjoying feeling like yourself. You don’t know when that will happen again, but for now, you’re productive, stable, and capable of acknowledging the joy of a perfect morning.


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