“Furiously Happy” that I’m not alone

I’ll come back to this post when I have more time. This book is FANTASTIC.

I read it for the first time last summer, as a time filler in the airport when we were going from Oregon to Niagara Falls. I would randomly start laughing, real, gasp for breath, feels oh so good kind of laughter, and then have to pass the book over to my husband telling him which page (or chapter) to read. He chuckled while reading it too, then roll his eyes and say “Oh My God. There’s another you out there…”

Some of the things that I read were just like someone had watched me and decided to write about it. Others I connected to from the anxiety or medicated brain fog aspects. The remainder was just so funny and life like that I would just laugh my way through it.

I keep going back to my favorite chapters in this book (which I’ll come back to and elaborate on later)  when I need to feel better. I cannot recommend this book enough, and my friends got tired enough of hearing about it that almost all of them either got or borrowed the book (It’s an audiobook too) and saw the humor without the cloud of mental illness providing the clarity that I found.


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