Finding Squidlette

Mike and I have talked about having children for almost 5 years now. Our first year of dating brought kid names into our lives. If we had a girl, we would name her Araeli (Rae) If we had a boy, it would be Alexander (Xander).  I went a “little” baby crazy and bought a whole children’s library from board books all the way up to beginner chapter books.

Mike got into the excited, we’re actually planning a baby spirit last summer (even though I’d been off birth control for almost 6 months before that) while we were in Niagara, Canada. He bought his first piece of baby gear- a reversible monkey hat at the Niagara Zoo.

Flash forward just over a year and I had missed two periods with a negative pregnancy test. I was convinced that the tests were wrong; I hadn’t bleed, was exhausted and dizzy and nauseous. By the third month of this, I was wondering if it was all in my head and made a Dr. appointment. I was diagnosed as diabetic, had borderline thyroid numbers and was sent to OBGYN. They made a guess that I wasn’t ovulating and sent me to get blood work done to look at hormone levels. My blood looked great, so I was given a referral to infertility services.

After sperm and yet more blood were tested, I will be going back in next month to receive medication to force a period, then what can almost be described as reverse birth control (forces a dip in estrogen that way you can produce a follicle into maturity and dropping).

Throughout this time Mike and I had a talk and decided that we were open to adopting (which costs more than IVF?!) and would like to try fostering to adopting an infant.

If you’re interested in seeing how the process goes, I’ve started another blog Finding Squidlette so that others can find an easier source of information for the actual process, as well as document our journey for our future child.

There’s an inside joke to the name. I LOVE the movies Finding Nemo, and Finding Dory (although I don’t know why the called it a comedy, I sobbed in the theaters all three times I watched it opening week). We thought we would call our child in utero a squid/squidlette since it’s so small and well behaved, and then when it got naughty it could be the Kraken. Baby belongs to mama when it’s a squidlette, and it’s all Daddy’s problem when the Kraken breaks through.



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